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June 2021 Edition

In the latest addition of <The UTO Source>, we are looking back at the top stories in May. This month is the home for the flagship ASU IT community event, Empower, and this year was no different — dive into our Empower recap and get advice from ASU's women in tech. We also published a series of stories that illustrate ways to improve digital trust, organizational culture, passwords and more. For this month's <The UTO Source>, you can look forward to a lot of practical tips you can start applying today!

Empower 2021 celebrates ASU’s IT boundary spanners doing the impossible

Throughout the course of Empower 2021, over 600 attendees shared ideas and strategized plans concerning the future of innovation across the university. “This gathering is an opportunity to appreciate the trust that we’re building and highlight where we can improve,” proclaimed Lev Gonick.

Unleashing the modern IT workforce and supporting community needs

UTO's internal digital transformation has become known by the moniker “UTO 2.1” (for 2021!) and together we have shaped the organization into a rapidly reconfigurable and entrepreneurial model that better meets the needs of our community. 

ASU instructor leverages Adobe Creative Cloud to develop students’ storytelling skills

The UTO Newsroom spoke with ASU faculty member Christina Carrasquilla, a senior lecturer in Graphic Information Technology (GIT), to learn more about how the Adobe Creative Cloud, and Adobe Spark in particular, is being used to offer hands-on learning experience.

It’s World Password Day: Don't pass on password protection

With World Password Day upon us, the University Technology Office sat down with Zachary Jetson, Director of Information Security, to dive into password protection and share tips to help design secure passwords and keep our information safe.

15 tips for women in tech and those who support them from ASU’s female tech leaders

The Powerhouse Panel: Women in Tech Leadership “Lunch and Learn” took place at Empower 2021, and attendees were inspired by the honest advice and straightforward experiences shared by three of the university’s female leaders in technology.

4 ways to build your organization’s culture: advice from UTO's Chief Culture Officer

In a podcast interview with Dean Newlund of Mission Facilitators International, UTO’s own Chief Culture Officer Christine Whitney Sanchez offers practical guidance for building culture, outlining four mindful methods by which an organization can create and foster a positive workplace.

Digital Trust: What it means and how institutions can gain it

How much digital trust do you have in institutions like ASU? On April 22, digital trust and learner agency were the topic of discussion at ASU’s Innov8: A Speaker Series.

Culture in action

Every month, a whole host of events promoting a positive culture within and beyond UTO take place, including activies that promote health and wellness, giving back and professional development. This is just a short summary of some of the work that has made UTO culture better every day, a summary that will make its way into <The UTO Source> every month.

  • Health and Wellness Health Impact Program - UTO's Community of Practice teamed up with Virgin Pulse to present the Health Impact Program, incentivizing the practice of healthy behaviors.
  • ASU Global Accessibility Day - The Universal Design and Access Technology Working Group at UTO hosted a virtual half-day of interactive presentations.
  • A meeting for fewer meetings - You read that right: ASU's culture practitioners got together to figure out how we can recognize the time resources of our peers and reduce the need for dedicated meetings, even while staying connected.

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