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July 2021 Edition

As <The UTO Source> looks back at June, the first full month of summer at ASU, stories about growth, culture and exciting opportunities for those at UTO emerge. Read on for a curated selection of the big stories shared through the UTO Newsroom last month!

UTO revisits its Priorities and Goals for fifth and sixth “quarters” of FY21

As it heads towards the end of June 2021, UTO is usually looking to the end of its fiscal year. But with a shift to a simpler structure following the calendar year, there’s a bit of a discrepancy in what to call those six months leading up to 2022. And thus we have the fifth and sixth “quarters” of FY21, and an update for UTO’s Priorities and Goals.

ASU Deputy CIO Chris Richardson joins the Arizona Department of Education as Interim CIO

UTO celebrated some exciting news about one of our leaders: Chris Richardson took on the role of interim Chief Information Officer at the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) through the end of the calendar year. His role began Monday, June 28, 2021.

Blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFTs: breaking down the processes behind these hot topics

As a monthly series of speaker spotlights, ASU’s Innov8  addresses new topics in the technology space that are imminently shaping the future. May’s installment was no different, as Adiraj Gupta, President of Impact Launchpad, shared his insights on blockchain and cryptocurrency for “Time Tokenization and Decentralized Finance.”

Radical empathy workshop illustrates a pathway to belonging


Over 100 ASU faculty and staff deepened their understanding of workplace diversity, inclusion and belonging during the two-hour Radical Empathy workshop this past week. Facilitated by Christine Whitney Sanchez with the support of Danielle B. Steele, the workshop reached across divisions and colleges as part of the university’s commitment to advancing its Charter which measures success “not by whom it excludes, but by whom it includes and how they succeed.”

Culture in action

Every month, a whole host of events promoting a positive culture within and beyond UTO take place, including activies that promote health and wellness, giving back and professional development. This is just a short summary of some of the work that has made UTO culture better every day, a summary that will make its way into <The UTO Source> every month.

  • LX Design Back to Basic Essentials, Refresh, and Repurpose Series - UTO's Learning Experience team holds weekly workshops to bring their technical and philosophical design knowledge to faculty members across the university.
  • Data and Donuts - UTO's Data and Analytics experts share their insights into trends, techniques and tools to better leverage the vast amount of information at our disposal.

Thank you for reading! <The UTO Source> will highlight UTO stories every month, showcasing the incredible work being done for the University and, most importantly, the people who do that work. Stay up to date by following UTO on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. And if you'd like to submit your own UTO story idea, fill out our story submission form!