UTO Councils and Groups

UTO offers a list of consultative services to help your technology efforts succeed.


Project Design and Consulting (PDC) Group

The purpose of the PDC Group is to provide resources to UTO team members who can bring high-level project requirements or rough-draft project charters to get ideas and feedback on architecture, application and web design for the project (before the project is underway.) It is not a required step for a UTO project, but hopefully the utilization of this group will alleviate future issues for the project team who could/should have gone a different route or capitalized on already available resources.

Representatives from each area in UTO DEV have created a weekly meeting time for the benefit of Project Managers, Business Analysts and developers in UTO. These areas include PeopleSoft, JAVA, Drupal, Mobile, Search, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Graphics/Design, eAdvisor, and more.

Schedule: E​very Wednesday at 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Location: USB 2105
Meeting Request: If you would like to get on the agenda to discuss your new (or current) project, please submit a request ticket via https://asudev.jira.com/browse/PDC or email utopdc@asu.edu.​​​
Attendance: By invitation​
Sponsor: Bonnie LeBlanc


Architecture Review Board (ARB)

The Architecture Review Board (ARB) is accountable to the UTO Leadership which delegates to it the design, establishment and compliance review of a coherent Enterprise Architecture

Schedule: Every Tuesday at 3:30 PM
Location: USB 2190
Meeting Request Preparation: Network Architecture Diagram(s) must be available
Meeting Request: Schedule an ARB review by sending an e-mail to ARBChair@asu.edu
Board Members: One representative from each UTO department
Meeting Minutes (requires JIRA login)​


Security Reviews

The ASU security review process is designed to guide each project team to implement technology solutions efficiently while minimizing security risks.
Meeting Request Preparation: Network Architecture Diagram(s) must be available and Security Review Questionnaire must be complete.

Meeting Request: Schedule a security review by going to Get Protected
Need help or have questions?
Submit questions through ServiceNow: Service Catalog > Security > Secure Computing > Security Review Questions
Or come to Security Review Office Hours:
1-3pm Every second and fourth Wednesday of the month USB 2642
Or call the ASU Help Desk:


Change Advisory Board (CAB)​

The ASU Change Advisory Board will serve as the centralized approval authority for all changes, using a risk-based approach to analyze proposed changes as an integral part of ASU’s Enterprise System Change Management Process. Read more about the change management process here.

Schedule: Every Tuesday at 10:00 AM
Location: Determined at time of scheduling
Meeting Request: Request change via ServiceNow
Board Members: One representative from each UTO department
Change Requests: Viewable at ServiceNow-> Change -> All​​​


Information Technology Community (ITC)

The Information Technology Community (ITC) consists of information technology (IT) professionals representing various colleges, organizations, and departments, both centralized and decentralized, within ASU. The members of ITC strive to provide informed input on IT operations and security projects. The common goal of ITC is to ensure the use of secure and effective information technology that serves the needs of ASU’s faculty, staff, and students.

Schedule: Second Thursday of each month at 10:00 AM​
Meeting Info: Email Shaun Usman:shauntu@asu.edu to get an invite to the meeting
Sponsor: Information Security Office (ISO)​