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Slack at ASU

Why Slack?

Light Bulb


Research shows people today are relying on email less in favor of more collaborative tools. As ASU prepares its learners to participate in and shape the workforce of the future, using Slack is in alignment with future-focused workplace trends and how people work.


Real-time collaboration

ASU is a vast distributed campus, and Slack connects stakeholders everywhere to instantly work together to develop projects and solve problems.

Hammer and Wrench


Slack is an all-encompassing application - thousands of productivity apps are integrated to enable stakeholders to send and receive messages, schedule, or initiate instant meetings, and polls.


Shared affinity

Slack fosters deeper communities of practice and leadership, enabling stakeholders to organize discussions and activities by team or subject matter, discovering and connecting to peers with shared academic focuses, projects, passions, and expertise.


Cross-functional expertise

Slack breaks down silos, making it easier to organize project and course discussions/activities with stakeholders representing a diversity of units and teams at ASU to deepen learning and engagement.