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DocuSign - ASU DocuSign Accounts

ASU DocuSign Accounts and Email Addresses

Due to ASU's Single Sign-On process, all DocuSign accounts are created using your asurite@asu.edu. This means that if you want to send a DocuSign document to another user and have it appear in their ASU DocuSign account you will need to use their asurite@asu.edu.  This can be found by looking an individual up in Outlook and looking under 'Alias' on their contact card.  Sending to their first_name.last_name@asu.edu will still allow them to sign a document (DocuSign does not require an account to sign documents). However, it is best practice to send to their asurite@asu.edu to allow them to manage all their documents in one account and have it appear in their ASU DocuSign account.