Request Student Clicker Support

Before you request support, please… 

  1. Make sure your registered Device ID in your Turning Account matches your Device ID on the back of your clicker.
  2. Make sure your Device ID is free of typographical errors.
  3. You have reviewed the entire grade book in Blackboard for clicker points for your class.
  4. You are on the correct channel for your classroom.
  5. You have logged in properly with your ResponseWare Account.

Still, need help from the Clicker Support team?

  • NOTE:  The ASU Clicker Support Team can assist you with clicker registration and firmware upgrades. We cannot replace broken clickers.
  • NOTE:  Grades are awarded at the discretion of your instructor. If you have questions about your grades/points, you will need to contact your instructor.

This form is for student clicker support. For faculty support, visit the Faculty Support Request form.



Student Clicker Support Request Form