Recruiting and Hiring

Looking to submit a job application or request a backfill to a position? This recruitment and hiring guide is here to help you navigate along the way.

How to hire

PDF icon Employees

PDF icon Students

PDF icon Short Term Employees

UTO Recruiter Consultation - Recruitment is ready to help with the entire recruiting lifecycle, from defining the posting to an accepted offer. We offer support and strategic assistance for every step along the way for full-time, contractor, and freelancer talent solutions. Visit the link above to submit a ServiceNow ticket and schedule a consultation.

PDF icon Catch the spark! Help those interested in UTO see the value in joining our team. Use this helpful one-pager during the hiring process!

Onboarding New Employees

The Onboarding process is initiated by the People Ops team when a new employee is hired. New Employee Human Resources Orientations and the UTO Staff Orientations are scheduled for the new employee as part of the onboarding process. 

A message from the CIO

UTO Org Chart 

New Employee Orientation

Telework Agreement

PDF icon Remote Onboarding Checklist

ROAR UTO Orientation and Resources - New employees are automatically scheduled for the ROAR UTO orientation.

Applying for available positions

Please visit Careers at ASU to browse current postings for ASU and Non-ASU employees, as well as Faculty, Faculty Associates, and on/off-campus Student job opportunities.

UTO Affirmative Pledge

UTO is dedicated to advancing diversity and inclusion in our hiring and procurement practices. Please visit our UTO Affirmative Pledge page to read more about our commitment to ensuring equitable opportunities for all.