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Managed IT Services

Cost Effective IT Solutions Tailored to Meet your Business Needs

The UTO is more than a project center for Enterprise tool or centralized support of things like Email or My ASU. Our expertise with technology in ASU's diverse and ever-changing environment makes us a great option for technology partnerships within the community. While you focus on your business, we'll take care of your technology. 

Whether you're looking for timely security updates for your workstations, server support, or advanced web development; UTO is here to assist.

Partnership options include long-term, FTE-based agreements guaranteeing resource bandwidth each week, or hourly support for smaller or one-time project needs. Some hourly options are unavailable or otherwise limited based on both staff availability as well as the maturity of the UTO's current relationship with, or knowledge of, the supported area or need.

Take a look at some of the professional services offered, or contact our UTO Engagement and Advising Services team to get started today. 

Professional Services

Consulting and Advising Services

Consulting and Advising advises academic and administrative departments on how to best use central information technology solutions to achieve their business objectives. This service identifies strategic opportunities, defines potential solutions, and establishes relationships with campus partners to support new or changed technology related business needs.

Service Rate (with current SPA) Rate (without SPA)
Internal Security Review Intake No charge Not available 
Full/Lite Security Review Intake No charge No charge
Business Technology Advisory No charge Not available
Project Intake No charge No charge
Initial Cloud Consultation No charge No charge
Example Project Costs 
Service Rate Final Project Cost
Cloud Based Server (c5.XL Linux - 4CPU/8GB RAM) $124.44/mo* Costs are variable
Cloud Based Server (c5.XL Win- 4CPU/8GB RAM) $259.13/mo* Costs are variable
Consolidated SQL Server - On Prem $1500/first year $1000 year over year
AWS RDS MSSQL Instance $717.47/mo* Costs are variable
AWS RDS MySQL Instance 127.48/mo* Costs are variable
CIFS/ITFS1 Storage $1/GB/Year  
AWS S3 (Standard) $23.56/mo/1TB Costs are variable
*Cloud based services are subject to external costs and are adjusted regularly. Posted prices are as of September 30th, 2019.

Desktop and Mobile Computing

The day-to-day technology support of our faculty and staff is central to our service. Desktop and Mobile Computing is your on-site support option for daily challenges, maintenance, setup of new devices, and even concierge-style support to help guide you to additional services and offerings as needed. We perform an array of tasks, such as setting up new hardware, installing software, troubleshooting incidents, and providing encryption and anti-virus solutions.Here are a few of the many benefits of partnering with UTO for your deskside support. 

Service Details   Experience Center Desktop and Mobile Computing
Hours  24/7 Standard Business Hours
Advising & Consulting     
Software purchasing security reviews
(internal reviews only)
* ✔️
Onboarding session for new employees * ✔️
Training and support for employees on university endpoints & software * ✔️
Budget planning support for a departmental hardware refresh * ✔️
Recommendations & quotes for equipment purchases (focus on university standards) * ✔️
Recommendations & quotes for equipment purchases (focus on university standards) * ✔️
Specialized technology solutions consultation (non-standard hardware or other solutions) * ✔️
Reporting & remediation on endpoint security compliance * ✔️
Liaise with ASU security office to departmental needs & security best practices * ✔️
Device & Software Management    
Inventory of university endpoint assets & reporting using ServiceNow * ✔️
Hardware support (under warranty) * ✔️
Hardware support (out-of-warranty) additional charges may apply * Best effort
Departmental printer and scanner mapping * ✔️
Email setup and troubleshooting for most modern email clients ✔️ ✔️
Network connectivity support ✔️ ✔️
Compliance verification and remediation * ✔️
Hardware repairs (Dell-certified techs & facilitation with Follet Apple repairs) * ✔️
Mobile device support (university-owned meeting device standards) * ✔️
Mobile device support (privately-owned or nonstandard) * Best effort 
Security incident response including detection & virus removal * ✔️
Modern Device Management (MDM licenses included for Windows, Mac, and iOS) * ✔️
Software Distribution on managed devices** * ✔️
Support for UTO enterprise analytics tools * *coming soon*
Support for enterprise software * ✔️
Support for non-standard software * ✔️
 Account Management    
Shared drive management
Dropbox, Google Drive, FSX, AFS
* ✔️
Active Directory account management * ✔️
Email distribution list and Public Folder management * ✔️
Conference Room Support    
Conference room technology support within a department-owned or university-owned room * ✔️
Conference room technology support within a space owned by another department * Best effort*** 
Video conferencing support using Zoom * ✔️
Video conferencing support using other conferencing software * Best effort 
Room refresh quotes * ✔️
Event Support
(additional charges may apply)
On-site support for events including A/V, mic, speakers, visual aids, and connectivity (on-campus using department-owned or university-owned equipment) * As scheduled with A/V support team
On-site support for A/V for off-campus events. n/a n/a
Use of UTO-owned A/V equipment n/a As scheduled with A/V support team

* dispatch to the local deskside team
**devices managed on UTO’s SCCM or JAMF systems 
***coordinate with department tech support

Classroom Support

From replenishing white board markers and microphone batteries to training faculty on classroom technology, the same classroom support available for university classrooms can be made available to your departmentally-managed classrooms. With our 5-minute target resolution for in-class technology challenges, our Classroom Support Team will work tirelessly to ensure your classroom technology needs have been met. 

Rates: Please Contact


From simple websites to advanced web-based solutions for your business needs, the UTO can assist with the whole lifecycle of your project from inception, to requirements gathering, project initiation and closeout, and maintenance & support.  Our expertise includes Java, .Net, Drupal, and Peoplesoft development; our capabilities are seemingly limitless. 

Rates: Please Contact 

Maintenance and support packages for applications or websites not originally constructed by the UTO must undergo a technical review before support can be assured. A Business Analyst or Project Manager may be required depending on the complexity of the support request. 

UX Research

User Research helps improve user experiences through the analysis of real users interacting with products. Our services are grounded in behavioral observations which generate actionable findings about aspects of your product that meet user expectations as well as areas that require refinement.

Our services allow organizations to validate their assumptions at any stage of the design and development process, from low fidelity sketches and wireframes to live websites and applications. We tailor each research project to reflect unique goals and timelines.  We can help establish benchmark and recurring KPI (Key Progress Indicators) to measure improvement. These services include: usability testing, user interviewing, surveys, and information architecture studies.

Rates: Please Contact

Web Accessibility Audit

To determine if your website or application is accessible, we provide customized web accessibility evaluations. We test for accessibility and WCAG 2.1 compliance with automated tools, assistive technologies, keyboard access, and code review. Our thorough, easy-to-understand reports identify specific issues, explain what they are, and provide you with recommendations and resources to fix them.  Pricing is influenced by the number and complexity of the pages/screens being tested. Minimum of 5 pages.

Evaluation of desktop sites include HTML code validation, semi-automated evaluation, manual checks (of code, keyboard access and screen reader access), as well as a written report including priority ranking on issues and a summary of findings to help direct remediation efforts.  Evaluation of mobile (responsive) sites and applications include manual screen reader tests, as well as a written report including priority ranking on issues and a summary of findings to help direct remediation efforts.

Rates: Please Contact 

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is the place where your business need is translated to a technical request. We will build your data model, document business process, report on findings, and help ensure your delivered product meets your individual requirements. Solutions also include a systems development component, but may also consist of process improvement, organizational change, strategic planning, or policy development. 

Rates: Please Contact 

Business Analysis may be requested with a project, or independently. 

Infrastructure and Server Support

UTO Operations team offers end-to-end management of network infrastructure. UTO Ops will design, maintain, and support Linux and Windows servers with a focus on performance, security, and reliability. This service also includes 24x7 server monitoring, daily backup, and monthly patching using a per-server rate.  Please contact for current pricing.


Server Includes 70GB Boot Partition, 4GB RAM, 4vCPU, Patching, Server Administration, and 24x7 monitoring
Add vCPU Minimum number may apply
Add RAM Minimum number may apply
VLAN One-time set up
Consolidated DB Setup One-time set up
Dedicated DB Setup One-time set up
DB Maintenance Maintenance & support of DB

 Hourly Rates:

Hourly rates for infrastructure and server support services are coming soon!