Personal Device Support: Tech Studio


Starting Tuesday, March 31st, all Tech Studios will be closed.  If you need technical assistance with your laptop or mobile device, contact the ASU Experience Center at 1-855-278-5080.

Welcome to the Technology Studio!

On Campus Tech Support for Student Devices including:

Access to Wifi       Mobile Device Security      Clicker Support    Software Support     

   wifi signal                        mobile device security                        clicker support               software support   

Windows on a Mac      Software Installation     Email Set-up    Anti-virus installation

    windows on mac                         software installation                     email setup              anti-virus  

Troubleshooting  Mobile Device Set-Up     Virus Removal    OS Installs and Repair        

     troubleshooting              mobile_device_set-up                      virus_removal                     os_installs_and_repairs.

Whether you are having difficulties connecting to the wireless network or your system is infected with a virus, the Technology Studio is ready to restore functionality to your laptop and get you mobile again. With locations across the campuses, solutions to your technological problems are always within reach. 

If you can't visit us in person during our normal hours, get help online 24/7/365 at the ASU Experience Center.