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Step 1 - Get Oriented

Getting Oriented Check List Link - The Getting Oriented Checklist can be used as a quick overview when getting oriented to a project 
High Level Discovery Template (1page) - The High Level Discovery template can be used on new discovery initiatives to facilitate high level review
Project Discovery Plan Template - The Project Discovery template should be used to help build out the scope of a project
Project Team Contact List - The Team Contact List is used to document who the team is and where shared documentation will be stored
RACI Template  - A RACI template is used to document who the team is, and what the roles and responsibilites are for that team. This will help facilitate decision making and communication plans. 

Step 2 - Scope and Requirements

Functional Specification Template - Salesforce - Sample Spec used on Salesforce projects
PeopleSoft Mod Spec - Sample Spec used on PeopleSoft projects

Step 3 - Business Plan

BA Plan Checklist - This is an overview document that will help with all stages of the project. It is aligned with the UTO PPMO's project stage gates. 

Step 4 - Support Implementation

Support Implementation - Guidelines for how a BA will help during the implementation. 

Step 5 - Assess the Value

Assess the Value - Delivering projects on-time and on-budget is not an indicator of the value of the project. Projects need to deliver measurable business value.