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Scheduled PeopleSoft System Outage 4/1/17


PeopleSoft is the enterprise system that is used by students, faculty, and staff to support various university functions related to the student experience and human resources. 

The University Technology Office has engineered this update to ensure minimal disruption to ASU business. In order to accomplish the update, ASU will conduct an outage of the PeopleSoft system. The outage period will take place April 1, 2017, from 1:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

During the outage, keep in mind:

  1. MyASU will provide read-only access to some PeopleSoft HR / CS data.  You will NOT be able to log into the PeopleSoft environment during the outage
  2. Systems not part of PeopleSoft including Gmail, Outlook, ASU Online, and Blackboard are expected to function normally during the PeopleSoft outage.  
  3. Students will not be able to make payments, alter class schedules (Add, Drop, Swap, Withdraw), access their unofficial or official transcript, and conduct other business that requires updates to Peoplesoft.   My ASU will be available for students to view their data and access other applications that will be available.

Questions? Please call the ASU Help Center at 1-855-278-5080.

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