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Culture Ripples: Making Connections


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by Sandra Johnson, Special Advisor, UTO Business & Finance Office

As ASU continues to monitor COVID-19, the university has transitioned from in-person teaching and learning to remote options. In this challenging time, however, the collective innovation of ASU faculty and staff has demonstrated remarkable adaptability. As a method of celebrating the good during uncertain developments, the University Technology Office is gathering success stories of “remote resilience” from the ASU community. The situation globally and across the country is changing daily, but we also plan to share these stories to keep pace.

As a UTO staff member, I participate in “Culture Ripples,” a group dedicated to fostering an inclusive IT community across ASU. Culture Ripples’ first online meeting yesterday morning proved we can create, make connections and maintain social distance. Results were better than expected for making these “isolated connections.”

The format was simple and technology performed seamlessly, with excellent audio and crystal clear video. It was very easy to move back and forth between an agenda and collaboration documents.

UTO’s Chief Culture Officer Christine Whitney Sanchez knocked it out of the park with her choice of tools, which was perfect for our topic. Google Slides held the agenda and meeting information, Google Sheets provided the templates for synchronous collaboration and Zoom gave the online meeting environment for face-to-face interactions.

The staff learned innovative lessons from the experience, such as the value of blending technologies to meet our needs and synchronous group collaboration to honor attendees.

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