Planning and Program Management Office (PPMO)


The Planning and Program Management Office (PPMO) centralizes and aggregates IT planning, portfolio, program and project management expertise to facilitate the success of IT projects that have significant impact and value to the enterprise.

The purpose of the PPMO is to evaluate the impact, risk and value of tactical and strategic projects, provide dedicated project management resources and guidance to project managers outside the PPMO and facilitate the collection and presentation of data for business intelligence and decision-making activities.

Our Mission

The mission of the PPMO is to guide the implementation of the IT Strategic Plan for ASU, from development and maintenance of the plan to evaluating the impact, risk and value of tactical and strategic projects, and to manage, execute, monitor and track project progress.

The PPMO will present project priorities to the CIO and executive leadership for approval or denial and will maintain the enterprise applications, project portfolio artifacts and tools.  The PPMO will also assume responsibility for project assessment and evaluation.

Any project engaged by the PPMO will be managed according to established methods, tools, and techniques.

Our Vision

Our vision is to fuel the ASU University Technology Office’s success by delivering distinctive solutions with a business case and justification of value to the institution at a pace, cost and level of quality that can’t be matched by other higher education institutes in concert with a defined strategic plan for UTO. 

To improve pace, cost and quality simultaneously we must produce good estimates and deliver well against them. Predictable, agile and quality delivery with speed help us toward our vision.