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ASU PM Network

ASU PM Network Logo

The ASU Project Management (PM) Network is a staff and faculty club that is the mechanism by which project managers and those interested in project management enterprise-wide at ASU, can communicate, connect, and grow, with the objective of strengthening interdisciplinary relationships while streamlining and improving project management processes at ASU.

The ASU PM Network will contribute to meeting ASU's goals of service excellence by:

  • Improving staff skills in Project Management through activities and event offerings
  • Streamlining Processes / Performing Process Improvement
  • Providing Project Management Resources


  • President: Danielle B. Steele, UTO

  • Vice President: Perryhan Ahmed, EdPlus

  • Secretary: Karina Jones, EOSS

  • Marketing Coordinator: Adriana Kuiper, OKED

  • Operations Coordinator: Lissa Kelley, BTS

  • Training Coordinator: Jennifer Rode, MLFTC

  • Members-At Large: 

    o   Jennifer Smolnik, OKED

    o   Jenna Giorsetti, BTS

    o   Clayton Taylor, OPO

    o   Gabe Mendez, PTS

    o   Laura Castrovinci, UTO

  • Advisor: Susan Wynn, OPB


ASU PM Network Timeline Flow Chart