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PeopleSoft Outage 9/28-9/29


There will be a PeopleSoft Production Outage this weekend, from Friday September 28 at 5 PM until Saturday September 29 at 1 PM, for the PUM Q3 release. During the outage, please keep in mind:

  • You will not be able to login to the PeopleSoft environment.
  • MyASU will provide read-only access to some PeopleSoft HR/CS data.

  • Systems not part of PeopleSoft, including Gmail, Outlook, ASU Online, and Blackboard, are expected to function normally during the PeopleSoft outage.

  • Students will not be able to make payments, alter class schedules (Add, Drop, Swap, Withdraw), access their unofficial or official transcript, and conduct other business that requires updates to PeopleSoft.

  • My ASU will be available for students to view their data and access other applications that will be available.

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