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Assess the Value




Assess the Value

Delivering projects on-time and on-budget is not an indicator of the value of a project. Projects need to deliver measurable business value.  To assess value, metrics should be used to ensure the project. However, using the wrong metrics can lead to unfavorable outcomes, by promoting behaviors that meet metrics at the expense of a project.

For metrics that drive improvement, it is recommended that an analyst use key performance indicators (KPI’s).  Using these types of metrics with lead to results that are actionable Other metrics can be collected to give a snapshot of a project, a team's work, or to show progress of a project or team. Metrics can also be used to drive future resources allocations and tools using "what if" scenarios and analysis of successful projects and causes of problems.

Key responsibilities in this step include:

Solution Value (data, metrics, trends)

  • Evaluate user engagement by using metrics such as Google Analytics or Splunk 

  • Determine the volume of post go-live accommodations and support needs by counting JIRA tickets, help desk requests, or end user contacts such as Service Now and Salesforce cases

  • Check to ensure that this project has enhanced ASU's brand

Project Value (process, people, feedback, ways to improve, focus group)

  • Hold third party feedback sessions with key stakeholders

  • Conduct surveys to assess the assigned business analyst, collecting kudos as well as growth opportunities

  • Review Business Analysis plan for future improvement asking questions such as: Which steps were followed? Would additional steps have helped the process?

Commit to creating a repository of documents (non-sensitive) and posting them to Confluence or another shared office space such as Google Drive, Google docs or Sharepoint. This will allow a streamlined method of communicating results to any of the appropriate parties. Sensitive data can be placed in Confluence (and possibly the others) with proper page restrictions.