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Support Implementation

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Support Implementation

On a typical project employing a business analyst, a significant part of a solution involves technical implementation.  This includes team building, customizing, and/or deploying software. During the technical implementation stage, there are tasks that an analyst can engage in that will help drive the success of the project and ensure the business objectives are met.

All of these efforts help the implementation team fulfill the intended benefits of the project and ensure the investment made realizes a positive return.

Key responsibilities in this step include:

  • Analyzing, documenting, training to help stakeholders implement new technology or processes
  • Change leadership (PMs manage change, BAs lead change).

A technology team can deliver new solutions that meet business objectives, but if stakeholders don't use the technology as intended, then a project won't have delivered on the original objectives. Business analysts are increasingly involved in this final phase of the project to ensure business objectives are met.