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Scope and Requirements

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Scope and Requirements

Scope is often defined by the Project Management Office (PMO), therefore the requirements will be defined to support the scope. As analysts it is important to understand both scope and requirement, with a focus on details.

Detailed requirements provide the project team with a range of information needed to implement the proposed solution. Without clear, concise, and actionable requirements, implementation teams fail to deliver on the original business objections. 

   Key responsibilities in this step include:

  • Develop strategies to determine technology and business process changes that are needed for implementing solutions to primary stakeholder needs.
  • Draft and review the scope statement with key business stakeholders to encourage their sign-off or buy-in to the proposed changes
  • Confirm the business objective to ensure the organization should still invest in the project

 The 5 C's of Good Requirements:

The 5 “C’s” of good requirements can be used to ensure that analysts are writing requirements that are clear, concise, and actionable. The 5 "C's" are: clear, concise, concrete, complete, and consistent. 

  • Clear

  • Concise

  • Concrete

  • Complete

  • Consistent