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New Finance PIN for Students



New Finance PIN

Starting Friday morning, every student will have a unique, secure PIN.

This PIN will help students keep their financial information secure.   Here is information directly from Crystal Gustavson.  

Students can now access confidential automated information about their ASU account by using the Finance PIN. 
Students can find the Finance PIN in their My ASU Service Center.

Students should use their Finance PIN to hear ASU account information by calling 1-855-278-5080 and selecting option #1. 

The PIN is used to access account specific confidential information and should not be shared with anyone. 

A PIN has been automatically created and assigned to all students. 
To view their PIN, students should visit their My ASU Service Center and select View PIN.

Students can change their PIN by selecting the Reset PIN button and entering a 6 to 10 number PIN of their choosing. 

After five incorrect attempts to enter their PIN they will need to wait one hour in order to reset the PIN via their My ASU Service Center. 

Students can get more information at this link http://links.asu.edu/financepin

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