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July 01, 2020 - Zoom Update

Beginning July 1, we are pleased to share additional enhanced Zoom security features that align with security best practices.

Screen Sharing

To prevent inappropriate screen sharing during sessions, the Zoom default setting for screen sharing is now set to Host-Only. This means only Zoom session hosts can share their screen, or change this setting on their account to enable others to share. 

Action: If desired, in each Zoom session, grant screen sharing rights to all participants via the Shield icon or to select participants by right-clicking on names on the Participant List and choosing “Make Co-Host.” For more information, refer to the screen sharing knowledge article.

Display Name

To prevent inappropriate display names and further secure Zoom sessions, the default setting for allowing users to change their names displayed in meetings has been set to off but can be re-enabled.

This was a security decision to protect students, faculty and staff from upsetting behavior within Zoom sessions. Participants were updating their display names with inappropriate and even derogatory content disruptive of live classes and meetings. 


Zoom hosts now have the ability to enable participants to update their Display Names. Please refer to this knowledge base article for step-by-step instructions. In short, there are three options for empowering participants to update their Display Names:

  • Hosts can enable this for all meetings.

  • Hosts can enable this live, in specific meetings, using the security icon drop-down.

  • Hosts can change the display name themselves for the participants.


Preferred Name Option:

  1. To change your preferred name in all university-wide systems, please follow these instructions for students and these instructions for faculty and staff.
  2. If you have completed the process to have your preferred name in university-wide systems, and it is still not displaying properly in Zoom, please review our knowledge article or contact the Experience Center.

Managed Domain

ASU has enabled Managed Domain on our ASU Zoom Enterprise accounts. This will impact any ASU individuals or departments that have Zoom accounts set up atzoom.us (not ASU Enterprise) using an @asu.edu email address. 

Action: If this applies to you, the next time you access Zoom atzoom.us, you will be prompted to either consolidate your account with your ASU Enterprise Zoom account OR to change the email address to a non- @asu.edu email address.  

If you choose to consolidate from a paid account, you will be prompted with steps for refund. For additional information, view the managed domain knowledge article.

Waiting Rooms

ASU is mitigating the chance of Zoom disruptors by automatically activating waiting rooms. Anyone logged in with their ASURITE can enter the session automatically. Those NOT logged in to Zoom with their ASURITE will only be admitted once the host(s) allows them to enter. 


  • Zoom session hosts can individually admit or with a single click admit all who are in the waiting room.
  • If you choose to disable the waiting room from your meetings, a passcode would then be required. 
  • ASU faculty, staff and students will have the ability to change this new default setting on their ASU Zoom account. For more information, refer to the waiting room knowledge article.

Have questions? Please contact the ASU Experience Center at 1-855-278-5080.