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SIO: Request Service

Project Management Requests

Project Request

To request a project that requires UTO resources or touches UTO managed systems, please click here.

Completing this request allows UTO to assess the project request properly and determine if it is viable. The project request will go through multiple stage gates before the project is approved and a project manager is assigned

Project Manager Request

We currently offer four (4) tiers of service to assist you with your projects.  Please contact Amanda Kennedy to request one of the following tiers of service for your project.

  • Delivering:  Develops delivery plan and negotiates delivery expectations with stakeholders and different business teams.  
  • Coaching:  Supports in achieving a specific goal by providing training, advice and guidance.
  • Consulting: Encourages, identifies, and supports business-led technology, provides information about service improvement opportunities and keeps abreast of emerging digital and business trends
  • Brokering: Bridges the gap between business teams touching on the same business capability to help coordinate resources and resolve overlapping needs.


Quality Assurance Requests

To request Quality Assurance services, please complete a QA Request in ServiceNow.

Contact the Strategic Implementation Office

Address: 1551 South Rural Road, Tempe, AZ 85287-6312
Mail Code: 6312