SIO Virtues


​Courage is the ability to face new experiences without the certainty of success. It is required at the institution level, the department level, and the individual level. ASU continues to evolve , which means either embracing ideas and taking steps in directions that have been rejected, or changing the understanding of existing ideas that have had proven success using disruptive innovation.  ASU as an institution will need courage to challenge status quo, and to keep being a leader in the industry. As the people who affect the change and growth ASU is looking to implement, its employees will need to have the courage to accept the changes, and challenges that will take the employee out of their comfort zone.


The development of new ideas, products, services, methods, strategies, and tactics are paramount to the success of ASU. Our focus is on the application of creative solutions that meet growing needs and allows for differentiation of our brand among its competitors. Innovation increases the value of the services and products offered to students and the broader prospectus of society being served by ASU. Additionally, innovation aids team members in being more passionate about daily work activities. It allows us to be distinctive, inventive and develop the best paths for others to follow.


Working in a true team environment requires collaboration in various aspects. Collaboration fosters trust, helps to build a better team environment, and encourages constructive feedback. It sets up an environment where team members feel empowered to transfer knowledge and incorporate feedback. In turn, the achievement of shared goals are produced with greater effectiveness and efficiency.


Transparency is an honest and complete view of the current state of an environment. It is important to the continuation of effective teamwork as it allows a more clear understanding of goals, accomplishments, tasks, mission, and offers clear guidance. By sharing risks, issues, challenges and successes with a broader audience, ASU enables a more informed, proactive, responsive and collaborative approach to problem solving.


Elevating employee skill sets is a significant part of ASU’s success.  Providing learning and professional development opportunities allows employees to expand their knowledge, skills, and abilities which can lead to motivation, confidence, and overall happiness in the workplace.  It is imperative for ASU to promote these opportunities not only to improve job performance and work experience but also to help employees reach their full potential. Keeping employees engaged and passionate about their job is important to the success of the University.


In an organization that is the size of ASU, it is beneficial to have implicit trust throughout the enterprise between its members that each individual is working towards the common good, and will treat each member with trust, respect and honesty. Integrity makes us feel confident in our professional relationships, and highly productive teams tend to have members who behave with integrity.


Communication is the basis of all human interactions and the number one reason why projects fail. Timely delivery of the right information to the right stakeholders in the right way keeps all stakeholders engaged and allows organizations to more easily adapt to change.   An atmosphere of open, honest, respectful dialogue helps produce strong, effective, nimble teams, and when combined with a clear vision of each project, paves the way to successful projects.


ASU exists and will thrive when its members deliver value to the community it serves. This occurs when members bring something of quality - whether a skill, a service, or a product - of importance, worth, or usefulness. ASU’s members contribute to quality through their behaviors, which in turn become adopted practices, and eventually become standard operating  procedures.​