SIO Governance

The governance goal within program management is to prioritize and balance project work with the strategic values of ASU. Program management is a combination of people, processes and corresponding information and technology that senses and responds to change. The objective of program management is to achieve the highest level of strategic balancing and prioritization while providing direction to project and resource managers.

The Strategic Implementation Office has implemented a tiered approach to governance that engages customers, captures critical data from operations, and enables leaders to prioritize and align strategies, business capabilities, and projects to varying data elements.

PPMO Governance Image

The PPMO monitors operational planning by working with cross functional teams ensuring demand is captured, project schedules and plans exist and resources are captured. These plans, with cooresponding estimates, are shared at a strategic level with varying executive groups which include program steering committees and executive prioritization meetings.

PPMO Tiered Governance Image

This tiered approach enables teams to identify Strategic, Tactical and Maintenance of Business (MOB) project workloads. Effective IT governance delivers the structured processes you need to meet business goals while defining the rules of your IT game. However, governance is only the first step towards improved IT decision making.  It requires each tier to effectively communicate its demands and capabilities.

Strategic Plans

The previous 2012 - 2016 ASU IT Strategic Plan identified 25 goals across 7 main areas and aligns those goals with related ASU Strategic Priorities. The current mid-term plan indicates adjustments to the 2012 - 2016 plan.