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2020 ASU Project Management Summit

ASU and the Veteran Project Manager Mentor Alliance invite you to attend the inaugural PM Network Project Management Summit on September 10th, 2020, via Zoom. This event will bring together faculty, staff, students and the PM Network community to share their experience, learn about best practices and the latest technologies, and celebrate teams engaged in innovation.

Project Management Summit

September 10, 2020
8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Digitally Immersive Experience


8:00 a.m.

Welcome & Keynote

9:15 a.m. 

Concurrent Sessions

10:15 a.m.

Concurrent Sesions

Keynote Speaker: Courtney Stanley




Shaken, Not Stirred: Leading from the Inside-Out in an Upside-Down World

You cannot control what curveballs are thrown your way (yes, including a global pandemic), but you can control how you respond. When faced with adversity, you may experience a variety of financial, mental and emotional hardships that you have never navigated before. As our world maneuvers this unprecedented state of chaos, traditional business and survival skills have been tossed out the window and we're forced to think - and lead - differently. Learn how practicing empathy, emotional intelligence and servant leadership inspires a greater sense of purpose, more authentic connections, and a long-lasting legacy. 

Courtney Stanley is recognized globally as an award-winning changemaker, compelling keynote speaker and acclaimed creator of the women-inspired podcast, Dare to Interrupt. Through her leadership and use of voice, Courtney has earned seats on prestigious international boards of directors as the youngest member ever inducted. She has spent 10 years helping professionals, entrepreneurs and organizations engage in game-changing, impactful conversations that empower individuals to tap into their true potential, improve team and culture dynamics, and drive meaningful change. 

With a background in experience design, leadership studies and business hospitality, Courtney helps people from all walks of life lean fiercely into the power of leading with empathy, advocating for themselves and others, and seizing “silver lining” opportunities to grow personally and professionally. Her mission to empower ambitious professionals through vulnerable, meaningful dialogue has resulted in changed behaviors and altered approaches to leadership on stages and in boardrooms throughout North America and internationally.

9:15 a.m. Sessions

People Up! Navigating Organizational Change Without Sinking the Ship

Eric "Doc" Wright, PhD | VPMMA

Conventional top-down, management-driven change management models and approaches fail 60% of the time. Why? They don’t focus on your people! Best Selling Author Doc Wright shows you People Up’s 6 actionable principles and their underlying human psychology, so you can focus on the most critical, yet hardest, part any change project; the people’s transition from here and now to there and then.

Your Stakeholders as Your Customers: Lessons From 1,131 Customer Discovery Interviews for a Better Business Case

Marianna Milkis | Arizona State University

At the core of every successful project is strong alignment with stakeholder expectations and business needs. In fact, reframing your stakeholders as your customers opens up additional opportunities for alignment. In this session, we will uncover best practices for determining pain points, needs, and opportunities through stakeholder discovery interviews based on the product management and design thinking approaches to customer discovery, including specific tips on how to phrase the questions for maximum insight and how to structure those interviews.
50+ Exhibits in 365 Days...and Other Duties as Assigned

Katherine "Kit" Kough | Mayo Clinic Center for Humanities in Medicine

Interdisciplinary projects, while challenging to manage, create collaborative gateways to innovation. In these projects, having a team with varied backgrounds and perspectives can enable objectivity and broad creative skillsets. The contributions of humanities and artistic disciplines can be especially helpful in seemingly unrelated endeavors. This presentation follows the evolution of how dance, music, and theatre informed graduate work in project management, and covers milestones to-date of running a multi-faceted arts center within a major academic healthcare institution.  Why are the humanities integral to the Mayo Clinic organizational culture? And how can that translate to your PM teams?

The Before and After of PM Life - Finding Your Value Proposition

Marissa Akins, Jennifer Smolnik & Dawn McClain | Arizona State University

What are the concerns and requirements for the up-and-coming PM? What should they expect? Every PM makes a different journey, and we have three such journeys to present. From preparing for certification to making your career as a PM, or going another way, this interactive session will allow you to consider varying perspectives and to share your own on why project management is (or isn't) the best path to take. PMO leaders are encouraged to attend to address questions and concerns of the budding PM.

Process Streamlining for Project Managers

Clayton Taylor, MBA, CSMBB | Arizona State University

During the execution of a project, project managers have the unique opportunity to ensure that the new process or solution that is being implemented is as streamlined, efficient and effective as possible. Join Clayton Taylor, Director of the Organizational Performance Office, as he discusses why streamlining a process during deployment plays a critical role in project success, highlights the key factors to account for during project planning and implementation, and introduces streamlining tools that project managers will find useful.


10:15 Sessions

Agile Approaches in the ASU Enterprise Model

Karina Jones & Daniel Zollo  | Arizona State University

Explore ways that you can use Agile methodologies outside of the standard IT project.

Increasing Inclusivity for the PM Profession

Dr. Jennifer Chandler | Arizona State University

In spring 2020, a project began in the ASU Organizational Leadership (Project Management) Degree Program to increase the inclusivity of the program with an emphasis on students and PMs with disabilities. This presentation will describe inclusivity in the PM profession in general and the progress of this project thus far.

Change Intelligence CQ™ and your Change Leadership Style

Steven M Fullmer | Blue Sphere Solutions

Cognitive scientists have shown that people’s mental maps, their theories, expectations, and attitudes, play a more central role in human perception than was previously understood. Your mental map is developed based on your neurophysiology and your associative experiences starting from birth. You are uniquely you, just as is every member of your team, tribe, or organization. CQ™ is a personal characteristic, much like IQ and EQ, that can be enhanced through the application of understanding and complementary skills development. Recognizing how to affect positive change, particularly in a rapidly changing global environment, is critical to both project and social success.
This participative workshop guides an understanding of CQ™. At the conclusion of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what Change Intelligence is and why it is a critical competency for leaders
  • Get a sense of their own Change Leader style, along with its strengths and blind spots
  • Discover hints about how to inspire the Heart, engage the Head, and help the Hands to motivate people to move together towards positive new directions
  • Emerge as more competent and confident leaders of change
Empowering People to Deliver Results

Joe Pusz, PMO | VPMMA

Author John C. Maxwell has a famous quote, “A leader is great not because of his or her power, but because of his or her ability to empower others.”  During this session, we will explore benefits of Empowering People to Deliver Results and review examples of organizations that are successfully empowering their people.   We will also review immediate action items that you can take within your organization to begin the cultural transformation necessary to Empower People to Deliver Results!

Project Management: The Change the World Wishes to See

Warick Pond | Arizona State University

Are you crazy enough to believe you can impact real change in your organization, your community, or the world? Organizations go through dozens, even hundreds, of changes each year. Project Managers are frequently left managing not only their own projects but organizational change initiatives as well. Come learn what a project manager is to do? This session will walk through projects and where organizational change management, hybrid approaches and reporting helped and didn't help move initiatives toward success.