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Unbank Yourself: What Does It Mean to be Crypto-Self-Banked?


December 16, 2020 | Igor Artamonov, Founder of the Emerald Project

On December 16th,  join us at ASU Innov8 as we answer the question “What happens if the financial system adopts cryptocurrency?”  Guest speaker Igor Artamonov, founder of the Emerald, will detail what cryptocurrency is, how people get access to it, and how people around the world are using it. In this installment of Innov8, we will also provide an in-depth dive into the current state of technology and possible ways of changing our future.

Igor Artamonov is a seasoned software engineer and tech entrepreneur, who has worked extensively in distributed systems and security, and most recently, the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

From 2016 to 2018, Igor led the development of the Ethereum Classic blockchain. He organized the development team to work on original Ethereum, later called Ethereum Classic, which became a sustainable independent community-owned project and one of the top 10 blockchains; the market capitalization went to more than $4B. Additionally, he was one of the few people who decided to protect decentralization and immutability principles in public blockchains when the Ethereum Foundation decided to reverse some of the transactions.

In February 2020, Igor foundedEmerald. This project is a  wallet for people and businesses who use cryptocurrency daily for payments. Emerald’s goal is to build a new fintech infrastructure where blockchain and cryptocurrency are the foundation and a primary medium of exchange.