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Eureka - ServiceNow Upgrade


We are pleased to announce the new release of ServiceNow at ASU!

The new release, called Eureka, is all about upgrading the user interface and your experience in ServiceNow. With enhancements to favorites and tagging, navigating, searching, and list filtering included as part of the updated look and feel—without any changes to process or how you use and work in ServiceNow—Eureka provides you more ways to customize your ServiceNow experience to find what you need and when you need it to help support the ASU community.

To preview the new release, starting today, ASU ServiceNow process users (HR, UTO, ASU Help Desk, plus IT partners BTS, FSE, WPC, and Health) can access the upgrade in ASU ServiceNow Test to immediately begin exploring new features, UI and UX, and training.


New training materials, videos and labs for ServiceNow Eureka are available for your reference:https://sites.google.com/a/asu.edu/utotraining/servicenow-training

New training topics include:

·         What’s New

·         ServiceNow Eureka Overview

Keep an eye on the ServiceNow training site for updated training for processes:

·         My Open Items

·         Incident Management

·         Requests (Service Catalog)

·         Change Management

·         Problem Management

·         Knowledge Management

·         HR Case Management

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Eureka release of ServiceNow at ASU! This implementation would not have been delivered on-time without your expertise and support!

Visit the ITSM site to learn more about ServiceNow!


Important Links:

ASU ServiceNow

ASU ServiceNow Test

ServiceNow Eureka: What’s New (My ASU log in required)

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