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UTO Dashboards

UTO Dashboards

Gain insight to our key systems' metrics and effort results.

Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators

Dashboards have been developed visually to represent the maturity and health of the UTO. Each dashboard is made up of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) measuring overall performace toward specific goals & objectives in advancing organizational maturity.

The ODT Dashboard scores eight different areas:  

1) General Operations
2) Project Health
3) Service Health 
4) Learning Spaces 
5) Engagement and Consulting 
7) Strategic Financial Business Office 
8) Experience Center

The Alternative Modality Key Data provides information on 6 different areas:  

1) Network Data 
2) Technology Distributed to Schools and Colleges 
3) ASU One Number 
4) ASU Slack Enterprise Grid 
5) Webpages related to COVID-19