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There are many ways to get involved with culture at UTO, ASU and beyond. We invite you to engage with any number of the opportunities below, which can open new doors to understanding, connection and innovation. Follow the links to learn more!

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Creating a collaboratory community within the UTO family through a shared goal of a healthier and happier life by intentionally focus on healthier living, personal growth, and new cultural experiences. 

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Green UTO  promotes a culture that aligns members of the University Technology Office with ASU’s sustainability goals and vision.

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UTO is full of unsung heroes. These team members embody the best of UTO in their everyday work.  Who are the Humble Heros?

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UTO has embarked on our strategic priority as an organization to help advance and realize the importance of RI across ASU as reflected within the cour of President Crow's newly proposed National Service University model built upon his prior New American University model. 

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The UTO family believes that Black Lives Matter and pledges to actively work towards dismantling racism, bigotry, and hatred toward people of color in all its forms.

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UTO Giving Back to the Community provides a platform for the department to continually connect with the community on campus, throughout the valley, and all over Arizona

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Celebrate your fellow UTO colleagues with a certificate of appreciation.   

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The UTO has created this compilation of words that help identify the language exchanged.

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We will share with you the aggregated results each quarter and use your insights to inform the development of some of our culture activities.

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This brief twenty-minutes enables participants to take a real break. It centers an uplifting and light focus on relaxation and expansion that helps to make the rest of your day more efficient.


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Culture Weavers works with an intent to weave an organizational culture at UTO for Digital Transformation & Customer Delight. 

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Culture Ripples is an ASU community of practice (CoP) dedicated to co-creating a culture that enables appreciation, collaboration and innovation throughout ASU. 

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UTO loves convening people for live experiences. From our annual internal professional development event (Engage!) to our ASU-wide IT event (Empower!) and a diversity of other convenings, talks, and unconferences in between, we invite you join us.