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Sunset over Tempe, Arizona

Humble Heros

Our Mission:

Develop and activate the UTO brand for events with high participation, self-organization and learning from each other. 

Our Goals:

Create a collaboratory community within the UTO family through a shared goal of a healthier and happier life by intentionally focusing on healthier living, personal growth, and new cultural experiences. 

Zero Waste partnered with UTO by teaching us about how to reduce waste and how to sort through commonly used items.  

UTO Green Team

What can be recycled?  What goes to the landfill?  When in doubt, throw it out!

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How can YOU help? 

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Sustainable Gardening 
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 Help the Earth. Eat more plants
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Reduce & Recycle

UTO Green - Recycling bins

Keep a lookout and utilize UTO’s bins through a partnership with Zero Waste.

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