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Marketing & Communications FAQs

Why do we need to use a single email system? What’s wrong with my unit having its own separate email system?

The university is building a 360-degree view of each constituent in order to better understand the individual’s needs and build a relationship that will endure over a person’s lifetime. When we audited email system use in 2014, we found units were using 13 separate systems (not counting Outlook) and sending more than 90 million emails per year to constituents. We routinely received complaints of spamming from all groups, including students, parents, alumni, donors, and community members. This practice was damaging the university’s reputation and harming our ability to build strong lifetime relationships with our constituents.

Will the Marketing Cloud email replace Outlook?

Outlook will continue to be used for email communications between individuals and work groups at the university and for business communications with outside parties. The Marketing Cloud will be used for mass communications with all audiences, especially when it’s important to track and measure results, such as delivery, open, clickthrough and conversion rates.

How do I get a Marketing Cloud account?

You can request access to any of the Salesforce modules by completing this online form. Be sure to check the radio button beside Marketing Cloud. You will have to complete the online FERPA tutorial with a passing score before receiving access to any Salesforce module.

How much does it cost?

A Marketing Cloud user account costs $270.25 per year, plus $.001 per email sent.

Do I need a Salesforce account to use the Marketing Cloud?

No. Salesforce leverages ASURITE authentication, so that you can sign in to the Marketing Cloud with your ASU ID and password.

We are currently using a separate email system. What do I need to do to move to the Marketing Cloud?

Please visit https://brandguide.asu.edu/requests/email-services. Once your user accounts have been created, it’s easy to move your subscribers, templates and content into the Marketing Cloud.

How do I learn how to use the Marketing Cloud?

We offer classroom training each month, including in-person and online sessions. There is also a full suite of online classes available to those who wish to pursue individualized learning. We have a Marketing Cloud Chatter group and monthly user group meetings to exchange information about best practices, new features and successes using the platform.