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Empowered by Templates

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Let us empower you to 'level up' on your communications! Below is a curated round-up of templates and resources. We'll add to it regularly. Looking for something additional? Slack us! 

NOTE: If you are using a template that is in Google Drive, simply make a copy of it to edit and adapt it before getting to work.


  • ASU Brand Guide | UTO upholds the overarching ASU brand. This guide contains all the essentials like logos, ASU-branded images, web standards and tools, and much more.
  • ASU Color Palette | Stay on-brand by utilizing our approved colors. 



  • Iconography | Freely discover and download tons of icons for presentations, websites, print, and more in .png and vector formats
  • Illustrations | Freely discover and download graphic illustrations for presentations, websites, print and more in .png and vector formats


  • Digital Magazine Story Pitch Template | If you and/or your team have a story to tell about the work being done at UTO and ASU, feel free to create a copy of this template and submit a pitch.


  • Event Fast Facts | Designing an event but don't know where to begin? We have a template to help you get started.
  • Event Type | Where does my event fit? What details do I need to consider? How can the team help me? Answers to these questions and more. 
  • Event Checklist | High-level checklist to help you get your event planning started.
  • Do We Need to Have a Meeting About This? | A meeting "key" to help determine the format of your day-to-day convenings 
  • Event Inventory | Need something for your event? We might have what you are looking for. 

Social Media

  • Official ASU Gifs | Looking to jazz up your content? Find hundreds of Marketing Hub approved gifs today!