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UTO revisits its Priorities and Goals for fifth and sixth “quarters” of FY21


As it heads towards the end of June 2021, UTO is usually looking to the end of its fiscal year. But with a shift to a simpler structure following the calendar year, there’s a bit of a discrepancy in what to call those six months leading up to 2022. And thus we have the fifth and sixth “quarters” of FY21, and an update for UTO’s Priorities and Goals.

The nine Strategic Priorities were determined by a team of 60-plus leaders across all of UTO, representing the diverse services, projects, products and initiatives to help the  ASU community thrive. In our “Q5 and 6” objectives, UTO works to fulfill the promise of each Strategic Priority as laid out in July 2020.

The first Strategic Priority, Culture and Communication, identifies “Responsible Innovation” as a key aspect of developing new technologies. Organization and Prioritization reveals the inclusivity of UTO 2.1, a new, agile structure. Partnerships strive to expand possibilities with the help of innovators in a number of fields and industries. Learning Innovation reimagines the pedagogy that has defined universities for centuries, and Transforming Learner Experiences reinforces student engagement with enhanced digital services.

Much of UTO’s work is built on strong technology operating underneath it all; NextGen Network broadens the reach of connectivity for all of ASU and beyond. Automation and Optimization refines the customer experience, while Smart Campus/City/Region concepts realize improvements in citizens’ everyday lives. Finally, Digital Trust and Information Security center around the relationships between people and data -- keeping the community protected with security, transparency and privacy by design.

These are broad summaries of the Q5 and Q6 developments among the nine FY21 Priorities and Goals. Want to know more? View the two-pager and full document report.

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