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ASU Tech Studio seeking student workers

BY SJONES83 – JULY 29, 2021

Amidst the usual inquiries regarding course content and degree requirements, faculty and staff often hear the questions: “Where can I find work as a student? How do I apply for a job at ASU?” Though positions are available from department to department, spots tend to fill rapidly due to high demand, leaving staff unable to extend any additional offers to their students.

However, faculty and staff can now suggest a new opportunity to students who wish to build their resume alongside their schooling: a position at the ASU Experience Center - Tech Studio, now hiring for in-person IT support positions at the West, Downtown Phoenix, and Polytechnic campuses!

Students who apply to the Tech Studio will find themselves engaging extensively with the ASU community as part of their role, providing them the opportunity to build connections with fellow Sun Devils while obtaining practical work experience. Additionally, those hired will enjoy the balance and flexibility offered by a student worker position, preventing a schedule that clashes with the time investment necessary for school. 

Students can learn more about this valuable opportunity for career development by visiting the ASU Experience Center - Tech Studio page. 

Direct job application links for those who wish to apply: West, Downtown Phoenix, Polytechnic


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