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Issuing Badges

If you are interested in becoming a badge issuer, the first question is: What do you want to badge, and why?

Consider the following:

  • What types of achievements do you want to recognize? Why is each important?

  • What level of learning will your badges represent — for example, certificate programs, or smaller (micro-learning) skills or achievements?

  • What will the assessment workflow look like?

  • Which team members will be involved and how?

  • Do you want to tightly control the program, or let it grow organically?

  • How will badge recipients interact with your program, and what will they do with their badges?

Enroll in our Intro to Digital Credentialing Canvas course to learn more about how to become an issuer.

You can view all of the current badges available to ASU learners at

This planning document contains guiding information to help you design your badging system. 

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