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ASU to offer additional survey tool


ASU prides itself on accessible enterprise tools, ensuring all departments have an array of affordable resources at their disposal. Supporting this mission, UTO is happy to share an additional service option for our community to choose from QuestionPro. This survey tool empowers students and staff to distribute questionnaires, collect data, and sort through responses with ease.

Qualtrics, another survey tool offered at ASU, remains available to all — though, its license comes at an increased cost model. For units seeking to avoid additional software fees, QuestionPro offers a cost-effective solution.

QuestionPro is scheduled to roll out in April 2022.  Further details and engagement from UTO will be forthcoming over the next few months. 

Note: In the event of Qualtrics being necessary for research purposes, the individual departments and/or researchers will be responsible for the payment of their individual Qualtrics licenses. If you have any questions, please email UTOService@asu.edu.

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