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ASU IT Community of Practice

The ASU IT Community of Practice, sponsored by the ASU CIO and the ASU University Technology Office (UTO), consists of information, academic and security technology professionals as well as non-technical individuals with an interest in information technology, who represent all colleges, departments, and units within the enterprise. Members provide knowledgeable input on technology-focused operations and initiatives in support of ASU’s mission and objectives with a common goal to ensure the use of secure, effective, sustainable and innovative technology to serve the needs of ASU’s faculty, staff, and students.

There are three distinct bodies of technology professionals within the ASU IT Community of Practice

  • Distributed Technology Working Group (WG-DT)
  • Distributed Technology Leads (DT Leads)
  • Information Technology Community (ITC)

Previously, the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and Senior Technical Advisory Group (SRTAG) were representative bodies of the ASU technical community. The ITC and DT Leads represent the current positioning of these former groups, respectively.

ASU IT Community of Practice Charter

Directory of DT Leads, Accountable Administrators, Business Administrators and IT technical representatives by department

Distributed Technology Leads (DT Leads)
Members are from the distributed technology enterprise community responsible for the operations, security, and integrity of information technology for an ASU department and unit. One individual from each unit is designated by the Dean or department head and reviewed annually with the office of the CIO. DT Leads are responsible for their department's information technology.

Distributed Technology Working Group (WG-DT)
Consists of DT Leads identified by the CIO to serve in an advisory role and affords early involvement in goal setting and initiatives. Participation includes focused work in identified technology areas and participation in working groups as chartered by the CIO to focus on specific technology solutions and processes. Members meet regularly with the CIO and the UTO senior leadership working group, WG-C. 

Information Technology Community (ITC)
The ITC is an open community of technology professionals and enthusiasts across the enterprise invited through UTO to participate in professional development and events, and is a community vehicle for communication of IT news and information. ITC participants collaborate with and inform the community of technology professionals regarding enterprise technology initiatives, share best practices, explore technology trends and advancements, and disseminate updates to enterprise services, policy and standards among the community and their departments and units.