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April 27, 2020 - Zoom Update

Zoom 5.0 Release

Zoom 5.0 includes new features and security enhancements including support for AES 256-bit GCM encryption, a new Report a User feature within the Security icon, enhancements to ending and leaving meetings, profile picture control for meeting hosts, and improved cloud recording security. 

Enhanced Encryption

Zoom will enable improved encryption on May 30, 2020. GCM encryption will only be available to those running the Zoom 5.0 client. More information about this encryption may be found on the Zoom 5.0 webpage.

Report a User feature

Meeting hosts and co-hosts can report a user in their meeting who is misusing the Zoom platform. This reporting option found within the Security icon sends a report to Zoom’s Trust & Safety team for review. 

New encryption icon

A new encryption shield appears in your Zoom Meeting window and indicates a secure, client connection is encrypted. After May 30, when enhanced GCM encryption is implemented, the shield will be green for all users.

Enhancements to ending and leaving meetings

Upon leaving a meeting, meeting hosts can clearly decide between ending or leaving a meeting for all, and may now select a new meeting host.

Profile picture control

Meeting hosts can disable the ability for participants to show their profile picture and also prevent them from changing it in a meeting. Choose this option in settings if you wish to enable it.

Cloud recording security

Meeting hosts can set expirations on their cloud recordings [in settings] and can disable the sharing of their recordings.

More details about Zoom 5.0 may be found here, and Zoom 5.0 may be downloaded here.