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Airtable accounts being converted to ASU Enterprise accounts


ASU Airtable Enterprise is now available for employees and students.  To secure ASU’s Airtable usage and provide users with a single sign-on experience, our team will be converting your current Airtable associated account with an ASU email address. 

On Mar. 16, the ASU Airtable Support team will be changing your Airtable email address to your ASURITE@asu.edu email address. You will receive two emails from Airtable after this change has occurred. The first email will notify you that your email address has been changed and the second email will ask you to verify your new email address. Make sure that you verify your new email address which will be your ASURITE@asu.edu so you will be able to login. After this change is made, follow these instructions to log into your account.

What is the cost for ASU Airtable Enterprise?

  • There is no cost for students to use ASU Airtable Enterprise. 

  • The cost for employees to use ASU Airtable Enterprise is $240.60 per year and will be charged back to your department.

How do I get ASU Airtable Support?

  • Employees can submit an Airtable Support ticket here.
  • Contact the Experience Center at 1-855-278-5080 

  • Contact us in the #airtable-user-community Slack channel.

Interested in learning what the difference is between your current Airtable license and the ASU Airtable Enterprise license? Check out the Airtable Feature Comparison for more information.

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