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Development is comprised of multiple teams focused on specific technologies and systems to help ASU move forward in our technical systems and services for students, faculty and staff. We are responsible for mostly enterprise level systems, but also maintain some department systems based on formal MOU's.

The UTO Academic Technologies unit focuses on direct faculty and research support with developing and implementing education technology tools, products, and processes.

The Operations team works to ensure that ASU’s technology services are continuously available and reliable. The Operations team also works to ensure those services are provided as efficiently as possible and that changes to the operational environment are properly managed.

The PPMO office manages projects undertaken by the University Technology Office, gives strategic guidance when developing new initiatives, while maintaining optimal utilization of resources within the University Technology Office.

The Information Security Office provides the university a comprehensive design which includes specification of network level, role-based access control, system level, and application level processes and procedures necessary to ensure information security, privacy protection, as well as efficient operation.

The Office of the CIO helps ASU create and maintain innovative technology solutions and services that advance learning and discovery at the University. In addition, the CIO's office governs the Fiscal Business Operations groups which support the UTO's divisions as well as the entire University.

The CIO guides the selection of strategic technologies to meet the unique administrative, research and academic computing needs of a rapidly growing, multi-campus university.

Office of the CIO

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