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Resident Hall Information

The University Housing Technology Center provides residents computer hardware and software support for FREE. If residents have any issues with their personal computers and would like a trained computer technician to take a look and try to help fix the problem they only need to take their computer to the University Housing Technology Center.

Contact the Tech Center at 480-965-8565 or submit your request online at If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call in advance to set up a time.

Don't forget! ASU recommends that you commit to “safe surfing” and use ASU’s encrypted wireless network. You can connect by following the easy steps below:


  1. Select the wireless settings;

  2. Select ASU from the list of wireless networks;

  3. Log in with your ASURITE ID and password (if you are prompted to accept the certificate, please accept) and enjoy the secure, encrypted, wireless network!