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Empowered by Templates

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Let us empower you to 'level up' on your communications! Below is a curated round-up of templates and resources. We'll add to it regularly. Looking for something additional? Slack us! 

NOTE: If you are using a template that is in Google Drive, simply make a copy of it to edit and adapt it before getting to work.


  • ASU Brand Guide | UTO upholds the overarching ASU brand. This guide contains all the essentials like logos, ASU-branded images, web standards and tools, and much more.
  • ASU Color Palette | Stay on-brand by utilizing our approved colors. 


  • UTO Fall 2021 Back to School "Booklet" Deck | Contains a summary of what's new or super timely this year. Create a copy and adapt it to your needs!
  • UTO-Specific Slide Deck |  Sharing your work across or outside of UTO? Connect it back to UTO by leveraging this UTO-branded deck template.
  • ASU Branded Slide Deck |  This version of a slide deck template is branded at the ASU level.
  • UTO Decks | A one-stop-shop for decks UTO has prepared! Create a copy and adapt it to your needs!
  • ASU-Approved Images | Use ASU-approved photos in your slide decks, websites, presentations, and more.
  • Stock Photos | Freely usable images for you to add to your presentations, websites, and so much more.
  • Links.asu.edu | A link generator can help you shorten those run-on links
  • Google Doc with UTO Logo | Put your best face forward when collaborating -- leverage a UTO-branded Google Doc template 
  • 1-Pager Templates | Editable PDFs and Google Docs for creating explainers, project charters, proposals, work briefs and more


  • Iconography | Freely discover and download tons of icons for presentations, websites, print, and more in .png and vector formats
  • Illustrations | Freely discover and download graphic illustrations for presentations, websites, print and more in .png and vector formats


  • Digital Magazine Story Pitch Template | If you and/or your team have a story to tell about the work being done at UTO and ASU, feel free to create a copy of this template and submit a pitch.


Hosting an event involves many different pieces from determining the type of event to making sure you have everything you need. We have compiled all of our Templates and Guides to help you design and execute a very successful event.  


Social Media

  • Official ASU Gifs | Looking to jazz up your content? Find hundreds of Marketing Hub approved gifs today!

Product/Service Advisories